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tv   Headline News  RT  August 18, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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coming up on our team america barcelona is in mourning after thursday's terror attack killing thirteen and two others are now dead after an attack in the finnish city of turku. and the mayor of charlottesville cancels a major announcement he previously announced regarding the robert e. lee statue in the city. and the a.c.l.u. announces a major victory for civil rights as cia torture victims reach a settlement with two psychologists responsible for the agency's torture program.
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it's friday august eighteenth four pm in washington d.c. i'm milledge hand you're watching our team america. following thursday's terror tragedy in barcelona another attack was just boarded one hundred miles south of the spanish city all assailants were shot by the police however one woman was killed bringing the current death toll from two days of terror in spain to fourteen people including one american but several other attacks across europe of smaller magnitude also happened on friday artie's alexy our chance he joins us now live with more details so alexy what are the latest incidents that you have to report on well first of all it's an incident in finland in a relatively small town of two recall just about one hundred miles from the capitol hill since you were a attacker apparently. as people have described origin attacked. people in the crowd in the central square two people eventually were
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killed six people were injured the police took action against the attacker who was apparently a lone wolf alone at soccer i shot him in the leg and arrested him but for now they're not providing any details about where this man was from and whether he had any you know terror plots to do instrument to fulfill in the town of jericho but the one of the spokespersons of the police actually told the a.b.c. news that the terror is not considered as as the reason for this attack and also just later in the day there was a similar stabbing attack in a small town of wood. in germany also one person was killed it was also perpetrated by alone attacker as it's been reported and also the authorities on the ground ruling out terror as the reason behind this attack but again considering what happened in barcelona on thursday that is obviously the most important talk of
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the town where these two individuals attacking people in finland in germany belong to any terrorist groups but again we'll have to wait for any confirmation from the authorities on that yes so so about spain let's stay with that what was the second attack about and what do we know about the suspects well the second attack actually happened on friday morning about a hundred miles south of barcelona in the resort town of combat heals where britain much the same scenario people in the van tried to ram into a crowd of people at about one am actually during the night the police took immediate action shot at the van and killed all five attackers inside the van there is a suspicion that one of those attackers was actually also involved in the barcelona attack but this is something not confirmed by the authorities yet and one woman was killed. at the start of this attack but again the authorities managed to thwart to the death toll and the injury toll could have been much higher than this.
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the national weather service in mt be jersey has issued a flash flood warning for birds county in eastern pennsylvania until eight pm eight four pm doppler radar indicated so under storms producing heavy rain across the warning area up to one inch of rain has already fallen flash flooding is expected to begin shortly in the areas of heaviest rain some locations that could experience flooding include writing one missing birdsboro cuts down fleetwood seeking spring loyalty one of four winners bill top police port belly they're still still lions spring ridge fairview heights shieling ten west rating and boy are town bushnell rainfall amounts of two to three inches are possible in the warren area turn around
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don't drown when encountering flooded roads most flu deaths occur in vehicles. not yet been revealed but rex tillerson confirmed that on friday and also said that the u.s. consulate in barcelona is now working to establish whether there were any more victims american victims among those killed and injured while thirty four nationalities that's really a global event that just happened but you know what i'm noticing alexy is that it seems like these rental cars these rental and attacks have become sort of a trend in europe it is indeed if would say if we just look at a one last year from july twentieth sixteen of those attacks have been pretty frequent and we made this montage all of the latest let's watch that.
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you know what. i think. all of those are very similar soft targets vans running into the crowds maybe the terrorists and are using the different tactics to what they used to do before even if we think about the two thousand and four madrid bombings where the ninety two people were killed obviously these death tolls are smaller but the frequency is just very concerning and a lot of people are talking about this right now in europe all right thank you so much for filing that report alexi our chef. for more on this let's bring in former and my five agent annie.
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annie thanks for being with us today for first can we talk about spain we saw the attacks in spain yesterday now and attack in finland. why why are terrorists seeing these particular countries do you think as soft targets. i think it's more the fact that there has been some success against isis across the middle east over the last couple of years so the leadership of the ever decreasing caliphates is urging its followers to go back to home countries across europe and create terror and that's what they're doing often we've seen over the last few years using a lone wolf low tech means such as laurie car or vanished or knife attacks what's particularly concerning about the spanish attack is that it does appear to have been quite a large cell of coconspirators there's also speculation that a house that blew up in what was initially thought of as a gas explosion might well have been
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a bomb factory down in elkan or in southern catalonia in spain so if there is a cell operating within a european country and we have all this wide ranging electronic surveillance over all our communications and they're not picking up on that chatter that is much more concerning because those are exactly the sort of groups that our surveillance agencies our intelligence agencies should be picking up using these tools is much more difficult to try and fight against the lone wolf attacks you know the random knife attack the random car attack and you know what i'm noticing is the previous countries that have been attacked such as the u.k. or germany these are a lot of countries that were taking in many refugees from overseas in yemen in libya we don't hear so much about what's happening in spain does this play any part . well one of the old schools of thought was
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that if european countries had to taken part in the nato raids against libya or syria or iraq or whatever then they were much more likely to receive pushback retaliatory attacks attacks in their own countries spain after two thousand and four with the madrid bombings which were appalling has stepped back from taking part in those sort of raids so i think they probably thought they were slightly safer however it's not so much a push back against the west as in the middle east now i think it's seen more as the caliph at trying to take the fight. civilizational level into europe and let's not forget that spain was seen as part of the marsh empire up until the fifteenth century so it's almost like a status thing but there is one other aspect around this too which is that spain is the only european country i think that has a land border with north africa they have two enclaves which they've owned for about five hundred years in morocco itself twitter and melia and only in the last week or two there have been these great swathes of of migrants forcing their way
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across the border because once they're in the old lives then they can go onward into europe so you know there are all sorts of different issues swirling around this that make it very difficult to try and side actually who you know what is the motivation behind this event is absolutely an interesting aspect to bring up both the historical and the geographical. closeness to to where the actual fighting in happened fighting is happening but you know as we're seeing across europe as i was just speaking with alacrity about these types of attacks are happening all too often you know from just between last summer to this summer for nice london stockholm a spanish newspaper was just reporting that the cia had warned local police in barcelona two months ago that their city could be attacked is there anything authorities can truly do to get ahead of these types of attacks and prevent.
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well the intelligence agency's job is to actually gather preemptive intelligence to try and stop attacks before they happen that's what intelligence work is we have these great sweeping laws now that allow the spy agencies together of all our electronic communications across europe and across north america and that it's an invasion of privacy and it does original rights but most people quite happy if they feel it makes them safer but manifestly it's not making safer what it is doing is drowning the spy agencies in the tsunami of intelligence which they can't process quickly enough so they're not carrying out the old style intelligence of you know having human agents to do the preemptive intelligence rather than just having lots of information in order to do evidence police work after an attack and you know any isis seems to immediately always claim involvement in almost every violent act around the world it seems like it might be some sort of tactic to make themselves appear army present and bigger than they really are could that be what it is.
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absolutely and we know that as as their territory shrunk in the middle east across syria and iraq particularly they have encouraged their followers to return to their home countries to carry out attacks to create this wave of terror so i think that's what we're seeing and it's inevitable and they're doing it very effectively so i think we can only see more attacks like this. thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us former and live by it and in my show thanks for being here. spanish police say the suspects in the country's deadliest terrorist attack in over a decade with this claim more sponsibility four were planning an even bigger attack with more from marsa lona here's our own partridge. behind me in that bus a double could have right in the heart of that around they started to lay a makeshift memorial in candles that had been messages one was really really savvy
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written which was we remember the innocence and that summed up the mood of some great lawyers and the people laying there tributes that teddy bears believes flowers and candles. thing like that ever happened to me i hope they'll find the perpetrators and everything will be all right i'm believe if you go back to the rubble of so many people look. like normal life but some put. some candles on this this place. terrorist everywhere but i feel incredibly lucky and we do consider that luck just continue shopping it's just so nice to be yeah but we just don't know we'll go back and catch up with out of the friends that decision was just for show and just copley that we did and we just use it in so but now that romber start to to go back to how exactly it was before there is no modesty is there was before police have taken away the tape that was along the
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signs that we first saw when we first came here and the businesses particularly cabin sort of always being here and i was starting to open up people are coming in here i think weeding their suitcases almost in fact to define the many ways you can believe that this actually was a crime scene and it was a scene of a terrible tragedy but i'm glad i'm to barcelona is now trying to get back to some semblance of normality but with a slightly some feeling of respect for the day and a memory for what happened here only a day. and as we mentioned the second incident took place in the resort town of campbell's about one hundred thirty kilometers south of barcelona police opened fire on a car after it failed to stop for a security check six people were injured and one later died of their injuries all five attackers inside the vehicle were also shot and died at the scene dorothy's are now saying that one of those killed in the vehicle may have been the driver of the van in central barcelona since the attacks took place it has emerged that one
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family had already been affected by terror in europe daniel hawkins has more of that story. now the tragic reality of the situation is that this is now such a cross border threat that even families who are vacationing on the continent find themselves victims of terror attacks multiple times whichever country they travel to on the continent one such example scott atran his daughter was in the battle plan theater during the attack in paris but twenty fifteen eighteen months on he finds himself in the middle of yet another terrorist atrocity bringing about some very painful memories take a listen to what he had to say because i was just bringing my yeah i didn't know what was going to happen my daughter was in the but. she still she still is you know. going in the room now we actually spoke to mr atran last year interviewing him after his daughter was involved in the attacks and
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thoughts of how optimistic he was on this threat being tackled effectively the threat of terror being utilized in the european very much was not optimistic saying that there was very little chance things could ever be the same again the big problem is that isis has a unitary message and unitary and universal appeal and the force of supposing they do not and we don't know really how to handle such a movement now another example of people being caught up in a double jeopardy if you like my interest the resident chris pauley he narrowly escaped being caught up in the magistrate arena bombings just a few months ago he actually left the area just seconds before the bomb was detonated he was nearby mowed down dozens of people on the boulevard these attacks are something that we've sat down together and covered sadly many times over the last year to eighteen months or so they've become a pattern across the continent they all bear strikingly deadly similarities minimal
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planning preparation training equipment is required to carry out. these attacks. now a lot of people have drawn a clear foreign policy link between these attacks. and foreign policy spain however is very interesting because of course spain last fall victim back in two thousand and four to resume its terror of the two thousand and four madrid train bombings
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that is a big impact on the election at the time the prime minister the ingoing prime minister withdrew spanish troops from iraq as a direct result since then there's been no attacks but this really goes to show why so fulfilled their pledge of targeting westerners in every major european city if you remember after the nice attacks of twenty sixteen the prime minister at the time i know a while he stated that terror is a new reality in france something people have to learn to live with his comments at the time very much provoked controversy and criticism but what we've seen today really proves that this is not only a new reality in france alone but on the whole of the continent just how safe do people feel now i think many in barcelona in spain indeed in europe will be questioning that in the aftermath of this latest attack. the so-called cia torture psychologists have reached a settlement which is being heralded as
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a major win for human rights doctors bruce jessen and james mitchell the architects of the cia's and hands to interrogation program settled with the a.c.l.u. this week and as r.t. correspondent phil explains it's the first legal victory of its kind doctors jesson and mitchell collaborated with the cia as psychologists to develop methods of torture used at c.a.a. black sites and prisons including the into miss guantanamo bay location now both doctors have reached a settlement with the a.c.l.u. which is calling the development a historic victory this is a story victory for our clients and the rule of law this outcome shows that there are consequences for torture and that survivors can and will hold those responsible for torture accountable it is a clear warning for anyone who thinks they can torture with impunity the a.c.l.u. filed a lawsuit against the doctors on behalf of three victims of their program including
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one man mon who died as a result of their techniques techniques they were paid eighty one million dollars by the cia to design a cia report declassified last year documented the torture of. treated roman harshly because of rahman's alleged these uncompromising reactions to the interrogation and lack of cooperation the pressure to break him and not have experience with a committed interrogation resistance on november two thousand and two ordered to approve the gods placing roman in the short chain position whereby he was compelled to sit on the concrete floor of his so roman was only clothed in a sweat shed they sent directly lead to romans death by hypothermia. see a whistle blower john kiriakou exposed a one torture tactic the agency's use of waterboarding in two thousand and seven for blowing the whistle to this date kerry aku is the only individual to serve time
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in prison for anything related to the cia's torture program and as the a.c.l.u. explains until now every lawsuit trying to hold people accountable for the cia torture program has been dismissed at initial stages because the government successfully argued that letting the cases proceed would reveal state secrets speaking to our to celebrate at the news this is absolutely a precedent for other victims to seek justice of course there are some who i think the cia would fight because their cases are very sensitive but there are so many other people who were sent to slee. torture for no reason people who had no ties to terrorism but were just in the wrong place in the wrong time it's going to enable them to seek justice and to seek monetary compensation frankly i think the cia dodged a bullet here now there is a second case the american civil liberties union has filed the case on behalf of
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what was a beta arguing that the cia and mitchell in jest and tortured it was a beta that case is going to be more sensitive so the cia hasn't really put the issue in its entirety behind it yet we have to wait and see what happens with that was a beta my guess is that because the opposite in a case is so much more serious because i was afraid it was the guinea pig of the cia's torture program that the cia will seek to have that case dismissed mitchell and jessen its contract with the cia was terminated in two thousand and nine and two thousand and fourteen a senate torture report on torture determined no useful intelligence was produced by their techniques and twenty fifteen a report conducted by medical professionals and human rights activists accused of the. in psychological association of cordoning with the cia to shield and endorse the torture program several months later the a.p.a. voted to ban its members from participating in torture in washington on your part
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and kill. all prisons in the state of florida are on indefinite lockdown after officials allegedly received credible intelligence of planned uprisings and rioting the drastic move comes on the heels of tomorrow's nationwide rally organized to raise awareness about mass incarceration and human rights violations in the prisons across this country. has the latest with the exception of meal time nearly one hundred thousand prison inmates in florida will remain confined to their dorms this weekend visitation has been cancelled state and private prisons use the offender facilities work camps and tree centers many say this appears to be the first time in memory that the prison system in the sunshine state has been placed on lockdown for an indefinite period of time. the exact reason isn't clear according to florida's department of corrections officials have received credible intelligence
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that small groups of inmates were planning to cause disturbances in a statement correction officials say the steps being taken are quote in an abundance of caution and in the best interests of staff inmate and public safety unquote according to reports f d sees intelligence division received information that the threats may be time to coincide with tomorrow's millions for prisoners human rights rallies taking place and more than a dozen cities nationwide a vent is being billed as a way to raise awareness about mass incarceration and human rights violations in u.s. prisons florida the nation's third largest prison system has been fraught with substandard and unsanitary conditions r.t. and other media outlets have reported about the systemic abuse of inmates suspicious deaths medical neglect and the mistreatment of prisoners with mental and
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physical disability corrections officials say all able body officers including new recruits have been ordered to report to work through the weekend probation officers have also been called in to help and assist with prison searches for weapons and other contraband reporting from miami marina r.t. and that doesn't point out for the stories we just covered go to youtube dot com fourth flash r.t. america and check out our website art class america you can also follow me on twitter right there but on your screen remember the question while you're back here at. the about the. general motors zero. zero zero on everybody we're here or here and how good it was though yeah it makes us wish it were jobs like that around here they're working for nine ten bucks an hour basically enough money to. buy alcohol and cigarettes. they there at it's like fully. support system. for the.
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fan and recently announced that after ten years it will no longer be working with the international their polling firm that stands for the opinion research corporation which couldn't found any more are well and if you ask me but anyway yes c.n.n. chose not to renew their contract they've had with o.r.c. since two thousand and six now gosh i wonder why that could be maybe it's because oh r.c. had hillary clinton winning by. the
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national weather service mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for central berks county in eastern pennsylvania northwestern montgomery county in southeastern pennsylvania west central bucks county in southeastern pennsylvania until five fifteen pm at four twenty four pm a severe thunderstorm was located near back to bill for twelve miles east of reading moving east a twenty five mph hazard sixty miles per hour wind gusts and quarter size hail source radar indicated impact minor damage to vehicles is possible expects damage to trees and power lines locations impacted include norristown pottstown west norton norton perkasie college track hatfield east greenville dublin shrinks phil valley ville green lean lions freaks spring mountain cherry ville remain alert
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for a possible tornado tornadoes can develop quickly from severe thunderstorms if you spot a tornado go at once into the basement or small central room structure torrential rainfall is occurring with this storm and may lead to flash flooding do not drive your vehicle through flooded roadways repeating your thunderstorm warning has been issued until five fifteen pm for the following counties in pennsylvania thanks and montgomery. are wrong a lot and most people don't trust them anyway why even bother doing them what purpose do they serve the public if only to try to convince them of hive mind that's why in this very scientific poll of mine i'm conducting right now on the spot a whopping one hundred percent of respondents said they don't care who c.n.n. uses for their polls because none of that noise really matters anyway.
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all the feelings of. every the world experience. and you'll get it all the you'll. be according to josh. come along for the ride. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixty's it's full on. the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know a lot of the really packs a punch. line.


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